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 Enjoy Beacon Wireless Internet with an unlimited speed connection in Nevada County! With no contracts or cancellation fees, Beacon is the best way to stay connected for traveling, working, and everyday entertainment. Try today risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee!


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  • 500 GB Data Limit
  • Unlimited Speed
  • No Contracts
  • 14-day Money-back Guarantee

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee  Huge Data Caps! No Contracts!

With a variety of locations at your disposal, Nevada County has numerous activities within each of its cities. Being full of outdoor adventure, Beacon Wireless Internet provides you with the connectivity for those rural settings. Specializing in secluded and naturally dense areas full of trees, foliage, and other natural settings. Your Beacon will bring more excitement wherever you go. Take your Beacon hiking and camping through the Mountainsides. Listen to music and watch videos while fishing in Nevada County’s rivers, lakes, and even the mountains next door. Your reach to connectivity has never been closer to you with Beacon!

"I am a fan of ShastaBeam wireless internet. I was using a different provider for years. While it did the job I often heard my wife complain her Wi-Fi on her phone was slow or locked up. We also were limited due to the cost for download in watching our favorite tv shows on Netflix or other providers. When we installed the new system (and that was simply plug in the power) we noticed right away speed and other former issues disappeared. We currently run 3 TV's, 2 cell phones and one tethered lap-top off the single router provided by Shastabeam. We love the speed. We love that data available. We have recommended this to others and have personally heard similar happy stories. Try it out yourself and feel free to use my name from this testimonial. I think you will have your happy story to write.
-Rollin Trehearne
KRED / Big Red 92.3 & 98.3